XPLOR Bed Rack Antenna & Light Mount

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Our COMM-LHT mount is perfect for attaching communications antennas or area lights to your XPLOR Rack. This mount can be installed in the front or rear of the XPLOR Rack using the already supplied carriage bolts.


On the Half Rack we don't suggest mounting it behind the cab facing the rear window due to the amount of flex the rear bed is capable of. On the Full Rack it is elevated and out of reach.

We've mounted it out back on both sides for chase lights or for a dual antenna setup. Also capable of mounting inside as a area light mount for inside the bed.

Our COMM-LHT is sandblasted, pre-treated with 4 stage iron phosphate wash with deionized water rinse. They receive a Tier 1 OEM Supplier basecoat of zinc rich primer and then are shot with a top coat of black fine texture powder coat finish.

Made In USA!

No hardware included. All necessary hardware was included with your XPLOR Rack and mounts using the supplied carriage bolts.