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Rebel Off Road is excited to offer our new bike mount for our XPLOR Full and Half height Racks. The mount will attach to your existing Flat Carrier Plates from behind and is fully adjustable to your bikes height and width. This allows for compatibility with most of the roof top tents available. Our mount includes two straps, one for the rear tire, and the other strap can be used to keep the bike secure by strapping it to the XPLOR Rack (this helps with the sway that may come from off roading).

Our mount comes sandblasted, pre-treated with 4 stage iron phosphate wash with deionized water rinse. They receive a Tier 1 OEM Supplier basecoat of zinc rich primer and then are shot with a top coat of black fine texture powder coat finish.

We've also given you two mounting options for the front forks. The first is from Rocky Mounts and is a locking axle mount. The second is a fork locking system from Rocky Mounts. Both can be easily installed to the front mount but you're welcome to use your own brand.

Rocky Mounts DriveShaft HM
  • Locking hard mount bolt-down to carry thru-axle forks for trucks, SUVs, and vans
  • Fits 12x100mm, 12x110mm, 15x100mm, Boost 15x110mm, and 20x110mm thru-axles.
  • Interchangeable shims included to provide secure thru-axle fit
  • Fits QR bikes with https://www.rockymounts.com/collections/parts-and-accessories/products/dummy-axle-and-9mm-qr  sold separately
  • Wide mouth opening to easily load your bike and a locking T-Bolt that adjusts for a tighter hold so the thru-axle cannot be removed when locked
  • Carries 1 bike, up to 35 lbs
  • Do it yourself bolt on installation, No mounting hardware included


Rocky Mounts LoBall Locking

  • Locking hard mount for 9x100mm quick release forks, two keys included
  • Carries 1 bike, up to 35 lbs
  • CNC machined 6061-t6 aluminum
  • Base has two holes spaced 4.25” apart that accept 1/4” or 6mm bolts or screws
  • Footprint measures 4.9” long, 1.6” wide and the QR sits 2.35” above the bottom of the base
  • Do it yourself bolt on installation, No mounting hardware included