Jeep JL/Gladiator High Line Fender Brace

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This product utilizes the stock fender flares and does not include additional fenders or flares. These are not designed for the JL Sport or Sport S that has the 1 piece fender design. Those would require them to be custom cut to fit our lights. We have not attempted to custom fit our braces and lights to a sport fender yet. We do plan to attempted this in then near future.

At this point, everything is made in the USA with the exception of the LED strip. I would love to source that domestically, but we have been unable to find a supplier for that. If you have any leads, please let me know. I would definitely take less margin on this (keep price the same within reason) to make it 100% in the USA.

We use the matching OEM connector so that the install is an easy plug and play process. No splicing required.

Our housings are injection molded for extreme precision and durability. The lens is UV stable for extended life.

The bracket is cut on fiber laser from 11 ga steel and powder coated satin black for corrosion prevention.

We use stainless steel assembly hardware combined with black mounting hardware.

Yes, you can use your stock inner fenders.
We ran into the gang from Trail Jeeps while bouncing around the rocks in Moab. They had our High-Line fender brackets and lights installed on their JL. They also used the stock inner fender and did a great job of making it look close to original.