Winch Safe By Badge Glow

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Winch Safe is an LED light mounted between the bumper and the Fairlead. Providing illumination to the winch spool and the winch line, for the ultimate winching safety. Featuring a waterproof design, Winch Safe is more then capable to take the abuse you throw at it!

Perfect for:
  • Off-road Novice
  • Pro Recovery Companies
  • Military Use
  • Police and Fire Rescue

Winch Safe is custom made to fit your aluminum fairlead. Please choose your fairlead type.

Installation is simple with only 2 wires to run to a switch. You may be required to drill a small hole in the bumper for the wire to pass though. Two M12 bolts are required to mount the Winch Safe. The original ones may not be long enough or incorrect diameter.

We know their are dozens of fairlead designs on the market, we will be adding more to our style list soon. We are also working on a steel roller fairlead version.

Select your fairlead style NOT your winch brand.