Jeep JL/JT Quick-Release Front Inner Fenders

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Introducing the industry’s first Quick-Release inner fender for the Jeep Wrangler!

The unique features of our inner fenders are:

  • Constructed from .060″ aluminum
  • Easily removes in about 30 seconds (per side) using quarter-turn “dzus” fasteners (for ease of cleaning and maintenance)
  • Maximum coverage of vital engine and suspension components
  • Two-piece design (the two panels are connected with stainless bolts and nuts)
  • No drilling required – these use ONLY factory holes
  • Removable logo for easy color matching (attaches with stainless hardware – not as pictured in these photos)
  • By default, these are shipped raw, uncoated aluminum. The logo mesh is removable so you can coat/paint it the color of choice. The mesh is aluminum so it is not necessary to powder coat or paint the mesh.
  • We are now using black aluminum dzus fasteners to better blend in with most coating options. I will update the product photos as soon as I’m able to get a set installed on a vehicle here.

Anodized Aluminum Hardware

By popular demand, we are now giving you the option of black anodized aluminum logo mesh hardware. Thank you to all who have requested this as an option (these are not included unless selected above). We REALLY appreciate the feedback.

Custom Shock Cutouts

The intention of our custom shock cutouts is to maximize coverage on your expensive shock components, but still provide enough clearance for everything to flex properly.

Logo Mesh

If you would like to color match the logo mesh to your vehicle, please check the box below and contact us after the purchase with your color choice.



Important Note

The windshield washer fluid reservoir on the diesel JL/JT protrudes pretty far into the tire space of the driver’s side front wheel well. Our diesel-specific inner fenders are formed around this reservoir. However, with larger tires (ex. 39″ and above) the clearance between the tire and reservoir (even without inner fenders installed) is non existent when the axle flexes. For this reason, we don’t recommend running tires over 37″ on the diesel without relocating the windshield washer reservoir. After relocating the windshield washer fluid reservoir, you can run the non-diesel front inner fenders and avoid this clearance issue.